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1203 Dickerson Pike Nashville, TN 37207

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Transmission Repair Nashville
Transmission Repair Nashville The Transmission Store is a locally owned transmission shop and has been serving the Nashville area since 1983. Our technicians concentrate exclusively on transmission repair - so you get a service specialist and not just someone who tinkers with transmissions. We have "seen it all" so will be able to quickly and correctly diagnose your transmission problem. Whether you need transmission repair, service or a complete rebuild you can count on our shop to get the job right.

So why choose The Transmission Store?

  • 15-20% less than dealer ship prices
  • Free Test Drive to evaluate your transmission problem
  • Standard 1 year warranty, 3 year warranties available
  • We use the latest repair equipment and only top quality parts
  • Specialist in repairing BMWs, Mercedes, Nissan and Hondas
  • Service for Manual and Automatic Transmissions
The Transmission Shop Difference
When most people think of a transmission shop they imagine a dirty dark place with grease everywhere and a waiting room where it would be better to stand. You will not find that stereotype at The Transmission Store. Sure we repair transmissions and do get dirty; but we take great care to keep our shop (see the image) and especially the front area clean and appealing. Our staff is professional and pleasant. We think you will find our shop and people refreshing.

Another difference is that we have been under the same owner (Marty Lang) for 30 years. Moreover he is actively involved in the business and will probably be the one to greet you and provide a repair quote. Marty's personal attention to detail shows in the professionalism of the shop, the excellence of our work (see reviews.), and the outstanding reputation we have built.

The Transmission Store also services several of Nashville's largest truck fleets. These clients require a high level of expertise and quick turn arounds. The fact that we have maintained these clients over years is a testament to the quality transmission repair we provide. We would be happy to give you an evaluation and pricing quote. Just call us or click the button above to get started.
Warning signs that your transmission needs an evaluation:

  • Odd noises coming from your axles
  • Transmission hestitating when you put it in gear
  • Sluggish acceleration
  • Noises from your vehicles undercarriage
  • Sloppy feeling while shifting gears